Hector Chavez

Hector Chavez grew up in the Lowell Neighborhood and went to school with the children of Marty and Joanie Martin, the founders of Martin Park. After his service in the military, when he returned home, he met Oscar and witnessed firsthand how he was creating an impact as the new owner of Martin Park. Wanting to help, he joined Martin Park, renting the studio until he left in 2016 to join One Collective. 

Hector told us, “I lived at the park, and it’s unique in that it’s cared for by the residents that live at the park. The community treats it well because there’s always something going on.” 

Still collaborating and working with Martin Park as part of One Collective, Hector sees significant transformations in the youth and teens involved in the programs. As many of these kids grow up in a chaotic family environment, Hector provides help and assistance due to limited resources and education. Through food distribution, after-school programs, tutoring, field trips to the mountains and lakes, and ministry, these kids and their families are expanding their horizons. 

And it’s come full circle. Those who once were lost are now helping others get their lives back, and Hector couldn’t be happier to see the impact Martin Park is continuing to make in the community he calls home.